Charging, programming and dedicating your crystals

New age crystal culture tosses around three very similar words interchangeably: charging, programming and dedicating. Though these three ways to supercharge and invigorate your crystals are similar, they do have different meanings. 

In case you've heard of these before and were left scratching your head, I wanted to offer an easy breakdown of what these three things actually mean.


Charging your crystals gives them an added boost of energy for a period of time. When a crystal is charged, its properties and characteristics will be slightly amplified. For example, if you charge a piece of Rose Quartz, it will be invigorated and offer an extra boost to your love life, or feelings of self-love. Some people are very sensitive to charged stones, and will even feel a difference when they hold them.

Best methods:

1. Moonlight is my favourite way to charge a crystal. A full moon is the only lunar phase that actively charges crystals, so placing your crystals outside or beneath the moonlight on a windowsill on the evening of a full moon is a great charging ritual. The moon also cleanses crystals, doing double-duty work for you. Crystals charged beneath the moon will be invigorated for the lunar cycle, slowly waning with the changing moon, and reaching completion on the new moon.

2. Setting your crystal on top of a Crystal Cluster (crystals that have multiple points jutting out from a common base/matrix)will charge your crystals, ensuring the cluster is energetically clean. The higher number of points included in the cluster equates to the crystals amplifying powers. But whether each point equals one day or one week is hard to say. I measure the length of a cluster's charge the same way I would with the moon cycles: approximately 1 - 2 weeks. Read more about crystal shapes here and here.


There is really only one crystal you can program, and that's the Master Healer: Clear Quartz. You can bypass this crystal's properties and program it with any intention/goal that you need - like clarity for that study sesh, or persuasion for that business presentation. This is why I call it the one and only crystal you actually need.

Best method:

1. Using a cleansed crystal, hold a piece of Clear Quartz between your two palms pressed together. Closing your eyes and focusing your attention, imagine your crystal filling with warm pink light. Repeat your affirmation, mantra or crystal attribute that you wish your crystal to carry. As you chant this attribute, imagine your crystal glowing brighter between your palms, filling up with the charge of your choice.

I had a student ask me how this is different from awakening your crystals: the answer is, awakening your crystals tells them you are the new owner, and programming them tells them what "job" you're asking them do help you with.

*2. You can also transfer one crystal's properties to a piece of Clear Quartz, programming the Quartz with the other stone's qualities. When the moon is full, place your Clear Quartz beneath its light. Place another stone next to it; one that you want to apply its charge to your Clear Quartz. The moon has cleansing and charging properties, and will wipe your stones clean of energetic buildup, while transferring the attributes of one stone to the other; in this case, the rose quartz to the Clear Quartz. Why would you want to do this? Maybe the stone is too big to bring with you where you need it (like in your pocket for an important meeting).


Dedicating can be done to any crystal, and I highly recommend it to really see how powerful crystals can be. Dedicating isolates an individual property or characteristic within a crystal. By dedicating your crystal, you're giving it "a job" to do, or something very specific to help you with. 

For example, Lapis Lazuli is a wisdom stone, enhances psychic abilities, stimulates intellectual prowess and invites deep clarity. It does lots! Let's say I was entering a time that needed to be very sharp intellectually so I could understand something very well, I may dedicate my Lapis to enhancing my intellectual abilities while researching a new project. I would keep the Lapis on me for the entire length of my project.

Best method:

1. Similar to programming, hold a cleansed crystal between your two palms pressed together. Close your eyes and focusing your attention, imagine your crystal filling with warm pink light. Tell your crystal specifically what you would like it to do, and imagine your crystal glowing brighter between your palms, filling up with the dedication of your choice.

Here's how I do it:
"I dedicate you to helping me master this project. I dedicate you to amplifying my intellectual abilities so I may create my best work. I do this for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you."